①.Precise Temperature control
    To better control the bag making strength,
    the temperature of the roller is measured directly.
    ②.Servo actuated control
    The horizontal sealing roller and the cold sealing roller are driven by servo.
    Within a certain range, products with different bag-length can be made by changing values directly in the touch screen without changing rollers.
    ③.Smaller and Easier to operate
    The machine height is reduced for easy operation. The overall operation system is stable and the packaging speed is fast. The entire enclosure is made and installed by stainless steel sheet for easy cleaning and maintenance.
    ④.The filling equipment consists of excellent corrosion-resistant stainless steel components that are easy to maintain and clean.
    ⑤.High accuracy Color code control
    ⑥.The rear guard doors help to easily clean the roller surface.
    ⑦.Digital pointer-type pressure regulator handles can be intuitively used for the pressure control of rollers.
    This machine is broadly used in packaging liquid soup,cosmetics,cleansing liquid and mayonnaie,which require high filling precision.
    Filling Product Liquid & Paste
    Pouch Pattern 3-side seal & 4-side seal
    Pouch Height Range 2divisions 120-210mm
    3divisions 80-150mm
    4divisions 60-120mm
    6divisions 40-75mm
    According to the width of horizontal sealing pouch height range is different.
    Pouch Width 25-130mm
    Packaging Capacity 20-200 pouches per minute
    (depending on pouch height,film composition,product property,etc)
    Filling Capacity 1-100ml
    (depending on product property and filling device to be used)
    Applicable Film Width 50-260mm
    Maximum Film Roll Dia 400mm
    Power Consumption 3-phase 380V 6kw
    Air Consumption
    Machine Dimensions 1304mm(L)×1195mm(W)×2128mm(H)
    Machine Weight Approx.670kg